Flight Training Software

What are the challenges they face? 

Stakeholders engaged in the communication process

◾ Missing instant access to students’ records​

◾ Lack of quality preparation materials​
◾ Students sometimes being unprepared​
◾ Need to spend extra time to brief the students ​
◾ Paperwork, duplicating the same info in different documents​
◾ Not getting paid for ground time

Benefits for Flight Schools, Flight Instructors and Pilot Students

Flight Schools

smooth, compliant, and high-quality operations

Support your head of training, management, and administrators in their duties, with a comprehensive set of tools that streamline and standardize both theoretical and practical training, incorporating the CBTA approach

Create and manage a custom ATO training program that meets your specific needs and objectives, ensuring the highest level of standardization and quality

Enjoy paperless processes that are fully compliant with EASA requirements, making it easy to stay organized and up-to-date with training progress and document validity, while receiving timely notifications about expired documents and aircraft maintenance needs

Access flight reporting and statistics in real-time, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions and optimize your operations

Improve your safety management system with our comprehensive approach to safety reporting and incident handling


Flight Instructors

high-quality instruction and better efficiency

Save time and increase efficiency, with streamlined processes and tools that support your FI competencies, such as preparing resources, creating a learning-conducive climate, integrating TEM and CRM, and managing time efficiently

Get ready for each lesson in minutes, right from your mobile device, with access to comprehensive lesson plans, student progress reports, and materials assigned according to the ATO program

Stay informed and organized, with a detailed overview of each student's progress and training history, as well as the ability to easily book aircraft and notify students about lesson details

Minimize the effort spent on flight registration and grading, with one-click functionality that saves departure and landing time, and automatic student grading according to CBTA guidance

Improve in-flight efficiency and safety, with a customizable program checklist designed to keep you on track and ensure a successful flight experience for all


Pilot Students

soar to new heights on your aviation journey 

Get high-quality preparation materials at your fingertips, available anytime for self-preparation so you can learn at your own pace and convenience

 Enjoy easy access to a center of information designed specifically for student pilots, to help you stay on track and informed throughout your training journey

Know exactly what to expect, with comprehensive lesson plans and clear communication from our experienced flight instructors

Stay organized and on schedule with quick and convenient access to lesson plans on your mobile device and receive timely notifications for all bookings

Get ready to take to the skies with confidence, with practical flight experience that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the aviation industry


Check out what clients say about Best Pilot app for practical flight training

“One place for all training information for instructor and student is a great idea! We really appreciate the Best Pilot app for the opportunity to collect and update the information available for students, instructors, and flight schools. It organizes the whole training process and significantly improves flight course.”

Polish Flight Academy

"With the Best Pilot application, we make our operations far from formality and use time more efficiently, contributing to a cleaner nature by reducing our paperwork. Thanks to the Best Pilot App, all we do is concentrate on flying! 


Watch the videos on how to use Best Pilot app

Adding new lesson

ATO's custom plan training

Standardised pre-flight 

Paperless in-flight notes

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Learn on how to download application



✈️Open the Chrome browser and log in to the app
✈️Tap the menu in the top-right corner and then select “Install app”
✈️Enter the name for the app then tap "Install"


✈️Open the Safari browser and log in to the app
✈️Tap the “Share” button, scroll down, and tap “Add to Home Screen”
✈️Enter the name for the app then tap "Add"

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