Key challenges faced by Training Organisations and how CBT can support them in the new digital era

 Thursday, 24.11.2022, 10:00 AM, UTC+1h

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Evionica's aviation experts will discuss and find an answer to important for flight schools questions:

✈️ What social trends and changes influence the training system?
✈️ How to cope with a lack of resources, people, and fleet?

✈️ Is there any way to reduce and optimize the increasing costs of maintenance, fleet, and instructors?

✈️ What kind of solutions can maximize training performance, and support training organizations in the new digital era?

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Evionica's aviation experts:

Michael Lesniewski

Michael Lesniewski
Head of Marketing & Customer Success

Rafał Knap

Rafał Knap
 Product Manager

Francesco Barranco small

Francesco Barranco
Senior Solutions Sales Executive

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